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YAMMM ( Yet Another Meta Media Manager ) - Windows Application Review

Have a large Movie library
but, lacking the info about your movies?
Look no further Yammm has you covered....

- Automatically grabs the movie information from the web
- Automatically renames folders 
- Automatically grabs movie covers and backdrops 

- Setup is sometimes hit or miss
- Though its rare sometimes gets movie data wrong

My Thoughts:
Personally i like Yammm, I don't know what I would do without it (this is probably because I'm a little OCD about organization). My main flaw with Yammm is the lack of UI... Set up just brings up a standard Windows, window and after that it there is nothing else. If you use Windows Media Center or XBMC and you have a large library of ripped movies this is a must have... 

UI: 2
Features: 4
Usefulness: 4
Stability: 4
Ease of use: 3


To download Click Here
or go to the main site