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Pokemon Scarlet | Violet Review - Its a bit late but was giving the game time to settle...

Following the success of the new 3D engine & open world of Pokemon Legend Arceus, GameFreak made the choice to make a more open, world traditional Pokemon game… Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the new baseline for Pokémon Games.  #Pokemon #PokemonSarlet #PokemonVoilet #GameFreak #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Review | Nintendo Switch

#SonicMania #NintendoSwitch #Gamereview #Review Sonic is in all his retro 2D glory but is the game as perfect as it sounds?

Assassin's Creed III Review

Assassins Creed III Developer: UbiSoft Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo Wii-U  Release Date: October 30 , 2012 Price: $59.99 ESRB: M