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Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence - Sega we need more of this!

  SEGA decided to release a gem to in this short prologue to their upcoming game Sonic Frontiers, which will be available November 8, 2022.  #SonicFrontiers #SonicTheHedgehog #Divergence #Knuckles #Gaming

Coming Soon - Sonic Frontiers

The Blue blur is back this time tackling an open-zone 3D adventure.  #Sonic #SonicFrontiers #SonicTeam #Sega #gaming

Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 - Film Review

Sonic The Hedgehog is nearly 30 years old and only now making his premiere on the big screen in new  movie by Sega and Paramount. #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic #SonicMovie 

Sonic Mania Adventures PT.2 - Gaming | Animantion

 Sega released Part II of Sonic Mania Adventures on their Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube Channel. check it out after the break... #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicMania #SonicManiaAdventures #Sega #SonicManiaAdventures2

Sonic Mania | News

Sega Announces a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog game for the Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  #Sonic25 #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicMania #Sega #TRP

Nintendo Partners With SONIC | News

#Nintendo Partners with Drive-In chain #Sonic #SonicDriveIn

Is Sega working on a new Sonic Adventure Game?

There has been a lot of rumors circling around lately about a new Sonic Adventure game going into development. #Sega #SonicAdventure #SonicTheHedgehog

Sega Announces new Sonic The Hedgehog game Ahead of E3

Sega announces #SonicBoom #Fire&Ice for the  +Nintendo  #3DS

What to Watch: Sonic Boom (Animated Series)

OuiDo! and, Sega’s new Sonic the Hedgehog series based on the Video game with the same name.  #SonicBoom #SonicTheHedgehog #Sega

Sonic Boom Box Arts Revealed

Its nice to see that #Sega has released the Box Arts for there Upcoming games for the #Nintendo #WiiU and the #Nintendo3DS.

New Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series

Sega announced a new Sonic The Hedgehog animated series coming in 2014. 

Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo is having a Direct showing tomorrow Wednesday August 7, 2013. They will be showcasing previously announced games for both the Nintendo Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Confirmed October release for Sonic Lost World for the Wii-U & 3DS

According to the New Trailer for Sonic Lost World, the release date for the game is October 22, 2013.

Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer

We finally get some imagery about the new Sonic the Hedgehog "Lost World" game heading to Nintendo Consoles later this Year The Trailer looks interesting. It has almost, dare i say Super Mario Galaxy look to it... Video via

New Sonic The Hedgehog game on the Horizon?

Character Profile #1

Sonic Adventure 2

Look what finally found its way to the XBLA