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Sony PlayStation Showcase 2020 Afterthoughts | Gaming

Last Wednesday Sony held their PlayStation 5 showcase showing off some upcoming titles for the upcoming console as well as revealing the price and release date of the #PS5.

PlayStation 5 Reveal Live Stream | News

Sony's Playstation 5 Reveal Live Stream

New Spider-Man PS4 Images | Quick Update

New screenshots for the upcoming #SpiderMan game for the #PS4 have arrive in glorious 4k.  #Gaming #SpiderManGame #PlayStation #Sony #InsomniacGames

Sony PlayStation E3 2016 Wrap-Up | Afterthoughts

Sony is dominating the so called console war this generation by selling just over 40 million units since its release 3 years ago. This year at E3 all Sony has to do to sustain momentum is showcase some killer software. Did they accomplish this? Read more to find out… #E32016 #PlayStation #SonyE3

Weekly Wrap Up - Week of 6/5/2016

#E3 is this coming week, but gaming news is already in full swing.  #WeeklyWrapUp #Gaming #Technology #Film

How to Watch Sony's PlayStation Conference at E3 This Year | Event

Are you ready for E3 This year? We sure are here is how you can view it if you aren't attending the show or the Experience Event.  #PlayStation #E32016 #Gaming

Sony Announces PlayStation E3 Experience 2016

E3 is just around the corner and Sony wants its fans to enjoy it just as much as the E3 attendees.  #E32016 #PlayStation #PlayStationExperience2016

PlayStation Vue | Review

Are you interested in cable cutting? But still want access to some live TV channels? If you own a PS3 or a PS4 PlayStation Vue may be the solution you are looking for. #PlayStationVue #PlayStation #CableCutting Product Description “ With PlayStation™Vue get the TV you love, now with ESPN, Disney Channel and over 100+ channels. Plans now starting from $39.99. Break free of annual contracts, surprise fees and TV that ties you down.” - Sony What is it? PlayStation Vue is a solutions for those with access to the internet and a PlayStation home console but don't want to pay for large TV packages through a cable provider. PlayStation Vue Developer: Sony Platform: iOS, PS3, PS4, Amazon Devices Genre: TV Service Price: Access - 60+ channels for $39.99 , Core - 75+ channels for $44.99,  Elite - 100+ channels for $54.99 Markets: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Bay Area. What's hot? No longe

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 2/28/2016

Big week for  +Nintendo  and  +Disney  .  #WeeklyWrapUp #Nintendo #WaltDisney #Vizio Nintendo unveils new Nintendo Selects games. Nintendo Selects are top tier Nintendo games that have done really well in sales. Nintendo Then sells them at a new affordable price of $19.99. To see listings of the games they have added CHECK OUT HERE!!! If you are in the market for a new audio solution at a cheap price I suggest you take a look at this. Vizio has did an awesome job with this one plus kept it at a very inexpensive price range. So if you just purchased a great TV and want a simple audio solution check this one out. Also Check out our REVIEW!!! Nintendo held a Direct showcasing upcoming games for both the Nintendo Wii U and, the Nintendo 3DS. Here is a list of games that they have shown off... Star Fox Zero  - Nintendo Wii U  Star Fox Guard - Nintendo Wii U  Paper Mario: Color Splash - Nintendo Wii U  Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Ni

CAPCOM Releases their much anticipated Street Fighter V - PS4, PC

#RiseUp Street Fighter V releases today for the #PS4 and #PC #FGC #StreetFighterV

Experience E3 in a theater near you - Sony

Just like Last year Sony will be Airing their Playstation Press Conference via Live Stream in Theatres throughout the US.  #Playstation #PlayStationExperience #E32015

Final Fantasy X|X2 & Final Fantasy VII coming to the PS4

Two of the most Final Fantasy games are headed to the Sony PlayStation 4 next year. #FinalFantasyX #FinalFantasyVII  +スクウェア・エニックス  

PlayStation Brand Turns 20

It is hard to believe that the Sony #PlayStation is now 20 years old.  +PlayStation   +Sony PlayStation  #Gaming #VideoGames #Playstation20

PlayStation Network Sale

There is a lot of great games on sale right now via #PSN. Get them now!!! #PlayStation #PlayStationNetwork

Sony E3 Press Conference Wrap Up

So I'm just gonna come out and say Sony had the best #E3 press conference this year... Microsoft came in Second and Nintendo lagged behind. 

Sony going big this year at E3

Can't make it to #E32014 this year? This is best way to enjoy +Sony  's Press conference without being there.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 at E3

E3 2012 Preview / Predictions

Starts Monday July 4 2012  Press Conference Time and Dates, With My Predictions