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Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu and Pokemon Lets Go: Lets Go Eevee Announced! | Nintendo Switch

"Gotta Catch Em All!" Again... Nintendo has announced new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch.  #Pokemon #NintendoSwitch #LetsGoPikachu #LetsGoEevee

Pikachu Edition New Nintendo 3DS Launching Feb 24 | Coming Soon...

#Nintendo #Pikachu #Pokemon #Nintendo3DS Need a New Nintendo 3DS? Love Pokemon? Is yellow your favorite color? If any of those questions apply then this 3DS may be for you.

Did Niantic Labs Drop the Ball With Pokemon Go?

When it came to mobile games this summer, Pokemon Go was king. Question is; do you think Developer Niantic dropped the Poke ball with the game? #PokemonGo #NianticLabs #Pokemon #Nintendo #Android #iOS

Coming Soon... Pokken Tournament

+Nintendo  is readying Pokken Tournament for a spring release on the Nintendo Wii U.  #PokkenTournament #Pokemon20 #WiiU

Pokemon turns 20 this year

It's hard to believe that has been been around for 20 years.  +Nintendo  will be celebrating the anniversary in a multitude of ways... #Pokemon #Pokemon20 #Nintendo #Gamefreak

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Announced!!!

So yeah #Nintendo is at it again... This time with re-made version of #Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Pokemon News Coming Monday Morning

Pokemon Announcement coming Monday September 16, 2013

Anime and Manga for Noobs (Newbies) - Part IV

Have you ever considered getting into Anime and(or) Mangas but, not sure where to start. Check out my list, I might have what you been looking for... All the Anime & Manga will have links to where you can read or watch them.  If the links dont work leave me a message or contact the site that it is hosted on...  I will also have Ranks under the images to show where i rank the anime / manga out of my all time favorites.