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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Review | Tech Review

Looking for great headphones that don't have a brand tax? Audio-Technica has you covered with their ATH-M50x. #AudioTechnica #ATHM50X #HeadPhones

BlitzWolf Earbuds Review | Tech Review

#BlitzWolf #Headphones #Technology #Audiophile Toe dipping into the wonderful world of wired earbuds. Honestly I’m so tired of the default white earpods what don’t work correctly outside of the Apple world.

Favorite Things From 2016

2016 was a great year for technology and gaming. Like previous years I ended up acquiring many things that I liked and didn’t like. This article will be a Top 10 list of things that I liked. #2016WrapUp #2016 #Favoritethings2016

1ByOne 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming HeadSet | Tech Review

Looking for a great sounding comfortable USB gaming headset? Look no further, this one by 1ByOne is totally worth it. #GamingHeadset #USBGamingHeadSet #audiophile #techReview #Review

Holiday Gifts Under 50$

On a budget this holiday season? Not a problem  here are some great gifts you can get people  for under 50$

Emerson Studio Headphones Review

Looking for a budget pair of headphones? Then these might be for you....