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Super Mario Bros. Inducted in the World Video Game Hall of Fame

It may have taken 30 years but #Mario has finally made it into the Hall Of Fame.  #SuperMarioBros #Gaming #HallOFFame +Nintendo  

Nintendo Wii U - Preview | Price Guide

Wii-U Manufacturer: Nintendo Price: $299.99 (Basic) $349.99 (Deluxe) Release Date: November 18, 2012 (US) 

App Showdown - Spark 360 Vs. My Xbox Live

Find out which app is currently the best

Kingdom Hearts 3D US Release Date!!!!

Finally we have a release date!!!

Club Nintendo's Loyalty Reward Program

Ok this is not really news but, I was shocked that some people (especially my friends who are Nintendo Fanboys) I know doesn't use or dare i say know about it. Let me inform you why you should. 

Must Have Games This holiday Season!!!

Must have games this Holiday Season 

Duck Hunt for Android - Quick App Review

The popular light gun Nintendo game makes its way to Android after 27years Thanks to developer Deng-yin / Snes4android Check out my review of this android game.