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News | New Assassins Creed Game Announced

If you though there wasn't going to be an Assassins Creed Game this year, you were only partially right...  +Ubisoft  Announces Assassins Creed Identity. #AssassinsCreed #Ubisoft  #iOS Right off the back ill tell you that this is not a full fledged console Assassins Creed game. This is an iOS game that will be released later this month. That's right Assassins Unite, we got a new mobile game releasing with in the next 4 weeks.   "ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY is the first Assassin’s Creed ActionRPG game for mobile devices that lets you create, evolve and customize your own Assassins and play them in Fan’s favorite setting: Renaissance Italy. Embody an Assassin and experience the freedom of movement that made the franchise unique while unraveling the mystery of The Crows and solving dozens of quests." - Ubisoft It appears that this game isn't going to be the half-assed ordeal that we get from most rushed to mobile games. Ubisoft is describing con

Square Enix Announces new Dragon Quest Game

New Dragon Quest game is on the way... #DragonQuest #SquareEnix #Gaming