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Samsung Announces Their Galaxy S 8 and 8+ | Coming Soon

#Samsung #GalaxyS8 #GalaxyS8+ #Android #Technology Samsung has come a long way since the days of  the cheap plasticity feeling devices. The Galaxy S8 and 8+ promises to be one of the most elegant phones of 2017. 

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung is back and ready to rule the mobile market yet another year with their new Galaxy S line. #Samsung #GalaxyS7 #GalaxyS7Edge

Weekly Wrap-Up - Week of 8/9/2015

Huge week for  +Samsung Mobile   with it announcements of its new flagship products.  #NextBigThing #Straightouttacompton #WeeklyWrapUp

Meet The Samsung Galaxy Note5

The next big thing is here now... Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note5. +Samsung Mobile USA   #GalaxyNote5 #Note5 #NextBigThing

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  +Samsung Mobile is changing the game with their new entry into the Galaxy S line of devices. Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge...  #SamsungGlaaxyS6 #SGS6Edge #GalaxyS6Edge #NextIsNow

Tech Reviews

Reviews (Tech)  Welcome to the Review Section of  The Review Pre I genuinely do reviews on pretty much everything but, I mainly focus on games and apps for a wide array of platforms. Feel free to browse around and(or) leave suggestions and comments.

Android Wish List 2012

Stuff I want to see happen for Android in 2012 

ICS Launcher - Android Quick Review

Can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich? Team Syndicate has you covered with their home replacement.  Check out what I think of it in my quick review....