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Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 7/26/2015

Its been a good week if you are a fan of Android devices. Both  +OnePlus  and  +Motorola Mobility  announced their flagships this week.  #OnePlus2 #HelloMoto #Nintendo #Gaming 

Meet the Moto X(s) 2015

Motorola has been busy at work with their devices for 2015. Especially the Moto X which comes in 2 different models.  #MotoXPlay #MotoXPure #MotoXStyle #MotoX2015 #HelloMoto +Motorola Mobility  

Meet the Motorola G (2015)

Motorola's Mid-Range Device is back and better than ever.  #MotoG #MotoG2015 #HelloMoto +Motorola Mobility  

Motorola has something to share with us....

Motorola has a live stream panned for Tuesday. What will they show? +Motorola Mobility   #Hellomoto #MotoX2015 #Tech

Moto 360 Review - After 3 Months

Looking for a smartwatch that well, looks like a watch? Motorola was the first to accomplish this with the Moto 360 and its still one of the best options available. +Motorola Mobility  #Motorola #Moto360

It begins...

+Motorola Mobility  Starts rolling out Lollipop to its 2nd gen devices.  #Android #Motorola #Lollipop 

Moto 360 coming in new flavors

Still holding off on purchasing an #AndroidWear smartwatch? Well, if its elegance you want you won't find a sleeker smartwatch than the #Moto360  +Motorola Mobility  

Motorola came out swinging with new family of products

+Motorola Mobility   went big with the announcement of 4 new devices. 

Coming Soon - Moto360

Its almost here... The #android wearable that we all have been waiting for. The  +Motorola Mobility  #Moto360 promises to put all its competitors to shame. 

Meet the Moto E

+Motorola Mobility  has been killing it lately with their Moto devices. The Moto E plans to deliver the best bang for your buck when you buck is less than $150.