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Pokken Tournament announced for the Wii U

The popular Pokemon Japanese Fighter will be available on the Wii U this coming spring  #PokkenTournament #Pokken #Pokemon #Nintendo

Pokken Tournament announced for 2015

What happens when you mix #Pokemon and #Tekken?  Well... You get Pokken Tournament.  #PokkenTournament 

Lucario is Back

#448 Rejoins the cast for the next Super Smash Brothers on the Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS The popular Pokemon that first made his appearance in the Sinnoh region is ready to shake it up again in Super Smash Bros (4?) for the Nintendo Wii U & 3DS. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a return of Mewtwo but as spots fill up it seems more unlikely.  Come on Sakurai bring Mewtwo back!!!! Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is supposed to release later this year.  (Hopefully)  Source:  Super Smash Bros. Loading... Follow Us!!! Twitter Google + Facenook