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Sbode Wireless Earbuds - Tech Review

Stylish Bluetooth earbuds that both sound good and are iPX7 certified. Even better they won’t break the bank. #Headphone #Sbode #TechReview #Tech #Bluetooth #BluetoothHeadphones

1ByOne 24W Solar Charger | Tech Review

Ever want to go green and charge your USB device with the sun? Well now you can with 1ByOne’s 24W Solar Charger. #24WSolarCharger #SolarCharger #1ByOne #TechReview #TRP

YutaoZ Moto360 Charging Cradle Review | Tech Review

Need a Replacement Moto 360 charging dock but don't to spend the premium price? Amazon Seller YutaoZ has a solution for you. #Yutaoz #Moto360 #Moto360Dock

PlayStation Vue | Review

Are you interested in cable cutting? But still want access to some live TV channels? If you own a PS3 or a PS4 PlayStation Vue may be the solution you are looking for. #PlayStationVue #PlayStation #CableCutting Product Description “ With PlayStation™Vue get the TV you love, now with ESPN, Disney Channel and over 100+ channels. Plans now starting from $39.99. Break free of annual contracts, surprise fees and TV that ties you down.” - Sony What is it? PlayStation Vue is a solutions for those with access to the internet and a PlayStation home console but don't want to pay for large TV packages through a cable provider. PlayStation Vue Developer: Sony Platform: iOS, PS3, PS4, Amazon Devices Genre: TV Service Price: Access - 60+ channels for $39.99 , Core - 75+ channels for $44.99,  Elite - 100+ channels for $54.99 Markets: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Bay Area. What's hot? No longe

Review - Lenova Auto Motion Sensor Night Light

Need a motion sensored light that doesn’t require batteries? Lenova has you covered with its Motion Sensor Night Light… #Lenova #Technology #Lighting

Nexus 6 price Slashed on Amazon

Well I guess this means.... #Nexus6 #GoogleNexus #Nexus6

Review - Nuosi Dang Stainless Steel Watch Band (Pebble Steel / Moto 360)

Need a stainless metal watch band but don’t wanna break the bank? The Nuosi Dang is a great choice. #Watchband #Accessories #Moto360

Meet the Amazon Echo

Are ready for an always listening personal assistant in your family room?   sure thinks you are with their new device #Echo . 

LaCie Rugged Triple Review

Whether your goal is super speed or complete compatibility, the Rugged Triple has everything you need.

iConcepts Fury Gamecube / Wii Controller Review

iConcepts Game Fury (Gamecube Controller) Manufacture: iConcepts (Sakar International INC) System: Nintendo Gamecube, and Nintendo Wii  Price: Varies ($6.30 - $19.99)

Dual Layer Cover Case - HTC Sensation Accessory Review

Dual Layer Cover Case for the HTC Sensation Black/White By: Kopu Price: $7.39 + $3.99 shipping for total of $11.38 Store:  Link to Product  Ship Time: About 5 Days 

Anker 1900mAh Battery - Quick Review

Anker 1900 mAh Li-ion Battery   For the HTC Sensation, (Z710E, XE, & Z715E) HTC Evo3D, & the MyTouch 4G Slide  Price: $17.99 + $5.07 shipping for total of $23.06 Store  Link to product Ship Time: About 3 days (w/ Tacking)

Thumbs Keyboard 4 Review

Amazon Kindle App for Android Review