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Bersem Paper-Like (For iPad 2018 12.9) | Review

Yo! iPad Artist, you need this... #iPad #Apple #iPadstuff #Bersem #Paperlike

Super Mario Run Release Date | iOS

Nintendo is getting ready to launch  its first Mario game for a non-Nintendo Platform. Super Mario Run is will be available for iPhones and iPads on December 15th 2016.  #SuperMarioRun #Nintendo #iPhone #iPad #iOS

Meet the new iPad Pro and More...

Apple is shaking up the mobile tech world again with its updates to last year devices. #Apple #iPhone #iPadPro

iOS 8 Coming Soon...

#iTunes updates to Version 11.4 to support #iOS.

Apple... What to expect

Apple’s launch event for its new devices most likely (iPhone) is tomorrow, here is what I’m expecting...

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - iOS

Hit game from the days of the PSP gets a upgrade and comes to iOS. 

TweetCaster for Android and IOS Quick App Review

Tweetcaster for Android and IOS Review Developer: One Louder Apps Version: 5.5 (Android) 2.1 (IOS) Price: 4.99 (Android) Free (IOS) Android Download / Free Android Version Download      IOS Download 

Hot Electronics "This holiday Season"

Not Sure what the HOT!!! electronics are this year? Never fear... My Holiday Buyer's Guide is Here!!! (Why am i rhyming?)

Scrabble For Android & IOS - Quick Game Review

Everybody's favorite word game is now available on your mobile devices, But is it worth you time and patients? Find out in my Review

Fruit Ninja for Android and IOS - Quick Game Review

Slash your way through fruit with your finger  with Fruit Ninja

The Twilight Saga - Book Review Part I

The Twilight Saga  Overview and Review   The twilight saga is a fantasy / drama written by Stephanie Meyers. The story revolves around a teenage girl ( Bella Swan ) who falls in love with a vampire ( Edward Cullen ). The story takes place in a place called Forks which is located in the state of Washington. She lives there with her father Charlie who is police officer. ***Spoilers alert***  My review will give a way the plot of the story.  You've been warned... =D