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Walt Disney Animated Short "Paperman" and Wreck-It Ralph Release Date

If you went to see the Disney hit Wreck-It Ralph in the theatre last year then you most likey seen this beautifully animated short "Paperman". Disney was nice enough to deliver it to us for free on their Walt Disney Animation Studios YouTube Page. Hopefully we will see more animated films in this style in the future from Disney. Wreck-It Ralph is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray Feburary 12, 2013

HandBrake for Windows, Mac, & Linux - Review

Handbrake Review  Category: Media Coder  Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux  Developer: HandBrake Community  Website and downloads

Must Have DVDs & Blu-Rays this Holiday Season!!!

Check Out my List  IF you have any more I should add let me know  Message me, comment, or tweet at me  @darkwolfpsn360