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A Closer Look at the Nintendo Switch

Okay Nintendo, you have all our attention. Don’t disappoint us with random BS and make this system something game-changing. #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Gaming

Meet the Nvida Shield (Console)

  +NVIDIA is finally entering the Android TV market with their Beastly ShieldTV #NVIDIA #Gaming #AndroidTV

Nvidia Officially Announces the Shield Tablet

The tablet that you may want to keep your eye on... 

NVIDIA CES2014 Press Event

In case you missed it here is  +NVIDIA  's Press Event from  +International CES  2014. And Yes that is a Crop Circle and yes it was made by NVIDIA Marketing Team... 

Nvidia Shield & Tegra 4 - CES 2013

Nvidia showed off their new portable gaming  device at CES2013  the " Shield "

Qualcomm's GameCommand now available!!!

Qulacomm's answer to Nvidia's Tegra2zone  is now available in the android market.