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ICS Launcher - Android Quick Review

Can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich?
Team Syndicate has you covered with their home replacement. 
Check out what I think of it in my quick review....

Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher Review
(ICS Launcher)

- Looks just like android 4.0 ICS
- Nice smooth scrolling
- Comes with a themed Search and Clock Widget
- The wallpapers are top notch
- Doesn’t eat RAM like Sense 3.0 does

- Not really sure why they decided to add the Back, Home, & Window/ Recent apps buttons from the Galaxy Nexus… they are pretty much useless.
- Only 2 themed widgets
- Can’t change the amount of home screens

My Thoughts:
ICS is just around the corner but if you cant wait, or don’t to install ROMs this might be the fix you need. ICS Launcher is a well built launcher by Team Syndicate that gives you the feel of ICS on what ever phone you are using. It has its flaws but it is a rather new home replacement. It sort of reminds me of launcher pro which was in my opinion, the best home replacement on the market. I also like the Wallpapers that they included with it….

UI: 4
Visuals: 3
Usefulness: 3
Features: 3
Stability: 5