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Legend of Korra returns for Book 3 Tonight

Its nice to see that #Nickelodeon can still produce a great cartoon. The Legend of Korra returns tonight for book 3.  #LegendofKorra #Avatar #Book3

The Lion King Turns 20

Arguably the most iconic movie +Disney  has ever produced turned 20. #TheLionKing #Disney #Film 

The World Ends With You Solo Remix is now on Android

The World Ends With You Solo Remix finally makes its way to #android. #TWEWY #SquareEnix

Google I/O 2014 Wrap Up

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Google I/O  #Googleio #IO2014 #Googleio2014

Wallpaper of the Week (6) - Camaro

That right this weeks #wallpaper of the week is one of the most attractive american cars ever made. #Carporn #Camaro 

A Million Ways to Die in the West - Movie Review

Take the creator of the Family Guy and stick him in the Wild West, and what do you get..? You a funny western.. .

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Movie Review

Hiccup and Toothless are back a little older, little stronger, but is the film a little better than the previous one? #HTTYD2 #Review #Howtotrainyourdragon2

A Closer Look at the Xbox ONE June Update

Microsoft intends on letting developers bring more power out of the #XboxOne console by disabling some #Kinect features... 

Battlefield Hardline Beta Giveaway for the PS4

Wanna get your hands on  the Battlefield: Hardline Beta for the PS4? Here is your chance!!!

Nintendo @ E3 2014 Wrap-up

As #E3 starts to appear in my rear view mirror, I am starting to realize how good #Nintendo showing really was.

Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike - E3 2014

Sigh... I wish that Square Enix would just do a proper Re-make of Final Fantasy VII. I guess getting spin-offs is better than nothing. 

Warning New Challengers Approaching... - E3 2014

E3 Super Smash Bros Update

Sonic Boom is coming to your Wii U and 3DS this November - E3 2014

Sega is aiming to put the blue blur back on top with Sonic Boom for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. 

Sony E3 Press Conference Wrap Up

So I'm just gonna come out and say Sony had the best #E3 press conference this year... Microsoft came in Second and Nintendo lagged behind. 

The Crew - E3 2014

Driving / Racing games are back and better than ever.  +Ubisoft 's The Crew is aiming to put the bar up high. 

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4 and Xbox ONE this Fall

Don't you love it when companies say one thing and go and do the direct opposite..? 

Rise of The Tomb Raider - Unveiled at E3

The Tomb Raider Series is back with another entry.  #e32014

Assassins Creed Unity - E3 2014

#AssassinsCreed is back... 

Microsoft e3 Press Conference Wrap Up

Clearly Microsoft had one thing on their minds for this #e3. This Year is all about the #Games...

Square Enix e3 Trailers

#E32014 stuff is starting to roll out a tad early

Capcom's E3 Lineup

#Capcom (most widely known for developing Street Fighter Games) has announced their #e32014 lineup. 

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 E3 Trailer Released

This trailer came a tad earlier than I expected but regardless any KH new is good news. #KingdomHearts 

New Wii U System Update Available

#Nintendo #Wii U #Update...

Collectors edition announced for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

I love how Square Enix has been making limited and collectors editions of games. 

Forza Horizon 2 Announced for the Xbox One & Xbox 360

#Carporn at its finest... 

Mario Kart 8 sold more than 1.2 million in first weekend

Mario Kart 8 is putting the pedal to the medal.  

Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods coming to US Theatres

It has been more than ages since the last DBZ movie. 17 years according to  +IGN .