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Gifts Nobody Wants to Receive for the Holidays

Not really good at shopping for gifts or have a history of buying bad gifts? 
Or you are just curious what about what are bad gifts to give your friends and family.... 
Check out my guide on "Gifts nobody wants to receive for the Holidays"
Theses are just a Few... if you have anymore suggestion on what i should add 
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Gift Cards for Grocery Stores  
- Personally I don’t know why they make these, they already have Visa and Master Card gift cards so why anyone would buy one of these is beyond me… They are just out there to make some kind of commission for the grocery store.

- Unless you know the person you are buying for really well or the person told you what to get, cloths are not really something you would want to give someone. (You don’t want to know how many gifts I have received that was either too small, too big, or just not something I would wear from people.) This also includes corporate logo cloths (Places like “New York Times” Hilton Hotels” John Deere” AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint“, you know that kind of thing…)  

Holiday Music 
- The holiday season only comes around once a year so if you buy someone, lets say the new Justin Beiber Christmas Album for Christmas, by time they get it the season will be over, and they will have to wait at least another 11 months to really enjoy it again…  

Adult Footsie Pajamas 
- Seriously who thought this was a good idea? I’ll leave it at that….
"I Seriously thought this was a joke till i seen them in my local Target"  

A Tie
- Though I don’t mind wearing a tie it is a cliché gift for a guy. It just screams I didn’t know what to get you so I got you this… Also if you do decide to go this route don’t get seasonal ones… 

Gifts that entitle to receiver to do work  
- Nobody wants to receive a broom, mop, swifter, apron, oven mitts Sham Wow!, Vacuum, etc.
***Except if the person wanted it*** 

Trinkets / Weird stuff you see while walking through them mall 
- Snow Globes, Bells, porcelain collectables; These types of items are useless. Unless you are a collector of these type of things, they make terrible gifts, and even then it still not a good idea….  

Fruit Cake
- This is another cliché gift but it is a terrible one. It always been terrible, 8 times out of 10 it will be tossed in the garbage as soon as who ever you gave to is sure that you left. 

Items that may insult the receiver
- Nose /Ear hair trimmers, body spray / Deodorant, Comb, Weights / Gym equipment / gym membership, Mirror, etc… 
***Except if the person wanted it***

Theses are just a Few... if you have anymore suggestion on what i should add 
Message me, Comment, or Tweet @darkwolfpsn360



  1. Grocery store gift cards are for the poor person in your life.


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