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Final Fantasy Turns 30 | News

#FinalFantasy #FinalFantasy30 #FinalFantasyVIIRemake Its a bit hard to believe that Square has been producing Final Fantasy Games for 30 years already.

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 1/22/2017

#WeeklyWrapUp #NintendoSwitch #KingdomHearts We haven't done one of these in a while. This week was full of Nintendo Switch news and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage Review

#KingdomHearts #KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep02 #AFragmentaryPassage Kingdom Hearts finally make its way to the #PlayStation4 in glorious Unreal Engine 4. Now This isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3 but it a good look at what you can expect.

Pikachu Edition New Nintendo 3DS Launching Feb 24 | Coming Soon...

#Nintendo #Pikachu #Pokemon #Nintendo3DS Need a New Nintendo 3DS? Love Pokemon? Is yellow your favorite color? If any of those questions apply then this 3DS may be for you.

I Am Setsuna confirmed for Nintendo Switch Launch | Coming Soon

#IAmSetsuna #SquareEnix #TokyoRPGFactory #NintendoSwitch The new franchise "I Am Setsuna" developed by Square Enix's new studio Tokyo RPG Factory will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on launch day. 

Connecting The Dots... Kingdom Hearts | Timeline

#KingdomHearts #ReconnectKingdomHearts #Disney #SquareEnix Kingdom Hearts is an action-rpg video game series developed by Square Enix under the supervision of Disney. You take control of a young boy name Sora, as he and his friends Riku and Kairi dream to venture to different worlds. The series features Disney, Square Enix, as well as original characters, throughout. Most of the worlds in the series are based on Walt Disney Feature Films.

Afterthought: Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo held their much anticipated Nintendo Switch presentation late yesterday. The unveiled some key things that are sure to excite all levels of Nintendo Fans. #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchPresentation #Gaming

The Count Down to the Nintendo Switch Reveal has Started!!!

Its so close that you can almost taste it... #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #ComingSoon #CountDown

Favorite Things From 2016

2016 was a great year for technology and gaming. Like previous years I ended up acquiring many things that I liked and didn’t like. This article will be a Top 10 list of things that I liked. #2016WrapUp #2016 #Favoritethings2016