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Clash of Clans Review - Android | iOS

A game of war with Hulk Hogan like mustaches... How can it it go wrong?  #Clashofclans #android #ios

Zombie Cubes for Android Review

The attack of the killer squares is among us.

My Top Android Apps (Tablet Edition) - Week of 7/28/2013

    My Top 10 Android Apps Week of Sunday July 28, 2013 Tablet Edition  Device: Nexus 7 (2012)

My Top Android apps (For Tablets) - Week of July 14th 2013

Favorite Android Apps for Tablets Device: Nexus 7 Week of: Sunday July 14th 2013 (a little late this week)  This is the tablet edition of my favorite apps for Android

Smart Launcher Review - Android

Smart Launcher  Developer: GinLemon Platform: Android Version: 1.2.16 Download | Pro Version ($3.59)

Table Talk Review - Android

Tablet Talk Developer: Tablet Talk Platform: Android Price: $2.99 Download

Android Year in Review (2012)

Android Year in Review Its been a pretty interesting year for Android

Android Reviews

The Reviews Welcome to the Review Section of The Review Pre I genuinely do reviews on pretty much everything but, I mainly focus on games and apps for a wide array of platforms. Feel free to browse around and(or) leave suggestions and comments.