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Clash of Clans Review - Android | iOS

A game of war with Hulk Hogan like mustaches... How can it it go wrong?  #Clashofclans #android #ios

Legend of Korra Canceled... From TV

Well technically it wasn't canceled but it no longer be aired on Nickelodeon's TV network. #LegendofKorra #Avatar #Nickelodeon

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: Limited Edition

Square Enix finally lets us in on the details for the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX.  #KingdomHearts

Square Enix Summer Sale on Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy Games for mobile OSs on sale.  #SquareEnix #FinalFantasy #Android

Play Arts Batman Figure shows up at Comic-Con

What would the caped crusader look like if he was designed by Square Enix's beloved character designer Tetsuya Nomura? #PlayArtsKai #ComicCon #Batman

Free game if you own Mario Kart 8

If you already one one of the best games available on the +Nintendo #WiiU you can receive another great game #free.

Nvidia Officially Announces the Shield Tablet

The tablet that you may want to keep your eye on...

X-Men Days of Future Past | Movie Review

It wouldn't be an action packed summer without a X-Men film. This year Wolverine has a lot of competition in the action genre.

Special Edition Armed Forces Xbox One Wireless Controller and Stereo Headset

Like army based #FPS or just looking for a new Wireless Controller? This may be the one for you.

New Assassin's Creed Unity Gameplay Trailer (Europe)

New Gameplay Trailer for Assassins Creed Unity  #AssassinsCreed #Assassinsunite +Ubisoft #ACUnity

Deadman's Cross is available on Google Play and App Store

Deadman's Cross X Resident Evil... how can you go wrong with this free collaboration between #SquareEnix and #Capcom?

Square to partner with Deep Silver to host San Diego Comic-Con Arcade

That right attendees of this Year's San Diego #ComicCon can get a chance to play some of Square Enix's newest games.

Wallpaper of the week (7) - Android Divided III

This weeks #wallpaper of the week features #Google's mobile OS #Android.

Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon are in Super Smash Bros.

#Nintendo announced a few new characters for their upcoming Super Smash Bros. game today.

Warning New Challenger Approaching - 7/14/2014

Who will it be?

CLauncher for Android Review

Tired of your smartphone's UI looking like every other smartphone? CLauncher may be your solution

Transformers: Age of Extinction - Movie Review

The 4th and hopefully final installment of Michael Bay's explosive interpretation #Transformers hits the theatres with a new human cast.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - iOS

Hit game from the days of the PSP gets a upgrade and comes to iOS.