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Nintendo announces new "Nintendo Selects" Games

If you waiting for a chance to jump to buy some to the best  +Nintendo  Wii U and #Nintendo 3DS games this may be you chance.  #NintendoWiiU #NintendoSelects

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week 2/142016 - 2/21/2016

And we are back after a week of low activity. lots of interesting things went on... #Pokemon20 #NintendoWorldStore #Technology

Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

+Nintendo  and the Pokemon Company finally announced a new Pokemon Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.  #Pokemon20 #ThePokemonCompany #Nintendo

New Content | HALO 5 Free DLC Detailed

One of the best #XboxOne games is about to get even better.  #HALO5 #Halo5Guardians

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung is back and ready to rule the mobile market yet another year with their new Galaxy S line. #Samsung #GalaxyS7 #GalaxyS7Edge

Nintendo Launches Miitomo Website

+Nintendo  Launches #Miitomo website in preparation for new app coming to #Android and #iOS devices.

CAPCOM Releases their much anticipated Street Fighter V - PS4, PC

#RiseUp Street Fighter V releases today for the #PS4 and #PC #FGC #StreetFighterV

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 2/7/2016

Not a huge news week but it had its moments... #Tech #Gaming #Reviews

Square Enix has a huge sale right now

Square Enix, Publisher / Developer of game series like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is having a huge blowout sale on games on their website. #Sales #SquareEnix #Gaming " Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the new Square Enix Online Store with free gifts with purchase (while supplies last), up to 50% off some of our most popular titles, and bonus Square Enix Members Reward points. The 1st Anniversary Sale is only valid today through February 21, 2016 so hurry over the Store [here] to see the full list of titles and gifts available. Some key sale items include: Save $15 on DRAGON QUEST HEROES®: THE WORLD TREE’S WOE AND THE  BLIGHT BELOW™ Save $15 on JUST CAUSE 3™ and receive a free JUST CAUSE 3 Promo Bag Receive a $10 Square Enix Store coupon for your next order when purchasing Life is Strange™ 30% off Rise of the Tomb Raider™ Collector’s Edition on Xbox One 50% off all catalog games on the Square Enix Store Bonus Offer: Get our new blue Final Fantasy la

Matricom G-Pad BX Wireless Bluetooth Controller | Review

Looking for a good Bluetooth controller for Android, iOS, or PC? This one by Matricom may be a good option… #Matricom #Android #PC #iOS

Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 1/31/2016

Nintendo announces their first mobile app, #Zootopia is coming, and Ubisoft is making another Assassins Creed game. #AssassinsCreed #Nintendo

Coming Soon... | Miitomo

Nintendo is Readying their first mobile app Miitmo. #Nintendo #MiiToMo #Android #iOS

News | New Assassins Creed Game Announced

If you though there wasn't going to be an Assassins Creed Game this year, you were only partially right...  +Ubisoft  Announces Assassins Creed Identity. #AssassinsCreed #Ubisoft  #iOS Right off the back ill tell you that this is not a full fledged console Assassins Creed game. This is an iOS game that will be released later this month. That's right Assassins Unite, we got a new mobile game releasing with in the next 4 weeks.   "ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY is the first Assassin’s Creed ActionRPG game for mobile devices that lets you create, evolve and customize your own Assassins and play them in Fan’s favorite setting: Renaissance Italy. Embody an Assassin and experience the freedom of movement that made the franchise unique while unraveling the mystery of The Crows and solving dozens of quests." - Ubisoft It appears that this game isn't going to be the half-assed ordeal that we get from most rushed to mobile games. Ubisoft is describing con

Coming Soon... | Zootopia (2016)

Wait fur  it... (bad joke....) anyway  +Disney  is readying its next feature animated film Zootopia. #Zootopia2016 #WaltDisneyAnimatedStudios #Disney