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New icons coming to an Android Device near you....

Google revealed new Android icons for its core apps. #Android #Google #GooglePlay

Deadman's Cross is available on Google Play and App Store

Deadman's Cross X Resident Evil... how can you go wrong with this free collaboration between #SquareEnix and #Capcom?

Google Camera App Review

Google has released its new camera app in the google play store for #android 4.4 devices. In many way it is an improvement but in other areas it is lacking. 

Timely Alarm Clock for Android - Review

Looking for a more colorful, sexier clock app?  +Bitspin  has the app that you've been looking for. 

ChromeCast is Already Available on Google Play Store

Google's new Chrome HDMI dongle is already available in the play store for only $35.00

Camera Zoom FX for Android Review

Camera Zoom FX Developer: Androidslide (  +Alex Drizen  ) Category: Photography Platform: Android Version:  4.1.1 Price: 2.99

Pool Billiards Pro Review for Android

Pool Billiards Pro Developer: Terrandroid  Genre: Simulation  Platform: Android Version: 2.45 Downlaod

Favorite Android Apps Phone Edition | Week of June 30th 2013

Favorite Android Apps Phone Edition Device: Nexus 4 Week of: Sunday June 30th 2013 I often get asked what are my favorite apps or what apps do I use most of my phone and why? So I figured I might as well make a section of it. So here it is…

Android App Review - Qualcomm Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Qualcomm Snapdragon BatteryGuru Developer: Xiam Technologies Limited, a Qualcomm Company Platform: Android (with Qualcomm Snapdragon based chipsets) Type: Utility Price: Free

Smart Launcher Review - Android

Smart Launcher  Developer: GinLemon Platform: Android Version: 1.2.16 Download | Pro Version ($3.59)

Android Reviews

The Reviews Welcome to the Review Section of The Review Pre I genuinely do reviews on pretty much everything but, I mainly focus on games and apps for a wide array of platforms. Feel free to browse around and(or) leave suggestions and comments.

HipServ Review - Android

HipServ Platform: Android, IOS Developer: Axentra Corporation Version: 2.1.44 Price: Download  | IOS Download

SwiftKey 3 - Review

SwiftKey 3  Developer: SwiftKey Price: 3.99 Version: Download 

Pulse for Android - Quick App Review

Pulse  Developer: Alphonso Labs Version: 2.8.5 Download Link 

Firefox for Android beta

Firefox Beta Version: It Varies by the device (Version 14.0 on my HTC Sensation) Download Link