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Mewtwo Strikes Back!!! - Super Smash Bros Update

April shall be the month of Mewtwo...  #Nintendo #SuperSmashBros #Mewtwo

Nintendo offering Pre-Load for Super Smash Bros Wii U

November 21st is just around of the corner.  #SuperSmashBros #WiiU #Nintendo

Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon are in Super Smash Bros.

#Nintendo announced a few new characters for their upcoming Super Smash Bros. game today.

Warning New Challengers Approaching... - E3 2014

E3 Super Smash Bros Update

Zelda joins the Super Smash Bros. Cast

Warning! A new challenger approaching...

Super Smash Bros. Update - October 1st

Though the New Super Smash Bros. is still a while off Game Director Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo has been keeping us updated with new screenshots as well as unveiling of new characters.  Being that Nintendo just recently Re-Released their blockbuster the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in glorious HD it is no surprise that Toon Link will be making his return to the roster.  So far this is what the Character Roster looks like Toon Link Peach  Luigi Pickmin & Olimar Mario Donkey Kong Villager Mega Man  Wii Fit Trainer (Female) Link  Samus  Kirby  Fox Pikachu Bowser Pit Sonic the Hedgehog ----------------------------------- These characters are pretty much guaranteed to be in the next game...  Jigglypuff Zelda Falco Caption Falcon Gannondorf Yoshi Ness Fire Emblem Character (Marth, Roy, Ike) Ice Climbers ------------------------------------ These Characters have a pretty good chance of making an appeara

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U & 3DS Unveiled