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PlayStation 5 Reveal Live Stream | News

Sony's Playstation 5 Reveal Live Stream
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Papers.CO Wallpapers HD Review | App Review

Papers.CO Review Your one stop shop for dope wallpapers that will fit your iPad.

Jungle Cruise Trailer | Film

The only kind of Cruise i want to see in 2020 will be this one staring Dwyane Johnson. #Disney #JungleCruise #JungleCruise2020 #TheRock

New Black Widow Trailer | Film

Scarlett Johansson is back reprising her role as Natasha Romanoff in upcoming #Marvel movie #BlackWidow.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 - Film Review

Sonic The Hedgehog is nearly 30 years old and only now making his premiere on the big screen in new movie by Sega and Paramount. #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic #SonicMovie

Square Enix Releasing another Kingdom Hearts PS4 Bundle | Gaming

Damn Square, how many of these bundles are you gonna push to the PS4? Maybe consider getting the one out to the Xbox platform so the users who brought kh3 over there can catch up.

Cloudy | Review

Great Weather App for #iOS and #iPadOS

Life Is Strange 2 Full Season Review | Game Review

Once upon a time in a wild, wild, world. There was a story driven game that wasn't perfect but, was well worth the play through none the less. #LifeIsStrange #LifeIsStrange2 #Gaming