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Microsoft E3 2016 Plans | Coming Soon...

Gaming giants are getting ready for the biggest video games conventions of the year, The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Microsoft recently released their plans for the week.  #E32016 #Microsoft #Xbox

Backwards Compatibility with the Xbox One - (E3 2015)

Microsoft is planning to fix one of the greatest flaws with Next-Gen (well its current-gen now) gaming, with adding Backward Compatibility.  #XboxOne #Xbox #E32015

Starfox Zero - (E3 2015)

Starfox takes front & center this year for  +Nintendo   this year at #E3 #E32015 #Nintendo #StarfoxZero

Street Fighter V - Update (E3 2015)

During the Playstation E3 Press Conference a new Trailer was shown off for (re)Introducing 2 Fighters. #StreetFighterV #Playustation4 #Capcom

Kingdom Hearts III Teaser Trailer (E3 2015)

Man oh man, It is so great to see Square Enix release more info on Kingdom Hearts III. #KingdomHeartsIII #KingdomHearts #SquareEnix

Pretty Big update on its way to Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS

So the leaks from yesterday have been confirmed by  +Nintendo   today. Ryu & Roy are joining that battle plus more!!! #SuperSmashBros #e32015 #Nintendo

Nintendo's Full E3 Schedule

+Nintendo  shares their full E3 2015 schedule.  #Nintendo #E32015 #ElectronicEntertainmentExpo

Square Enix announces E3 press conference date

E3 is just around the corner, and companies are rearing up to showcase their latest and greatest. #SquareEnix #E32015 #Gaming

Nintendo @ E3 2014 Wrap-up

As #E3 starts to appear in my rear view mirror, I am starting to realize how good #Nintendo showing really was.

Sonic Boom is coming to your Wii U and 3DS this November - E3 2014

Sega is aiming to put the blue blur back on top with Sonic Boom for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. 

The Crew - E3 2014

Driving / Racing games are back and better than ever.  +Ubisoft 's The Crew is aiming to put the bar up high. 

Rise of The Tomb Raider - Unveiled at E3

The Tomb Raider Series is back with another entry.  #e32014

Assassins Creed Unity - E3 2014

#AssassinsCreed is back... 

Microsoft e3 Press Conference Wrap Up

Clearly Microsoft had one thing on their minds for this #e3. This Year is all about the #Games...

E3 2013 Press Conference Date and Times

Its that time of year again  Tune into  Gametrailers  or  Gamespot   for Live Streams during the Times listed below. If there are Embed links i will post them as well.