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New icons coming to an Android Device near you....

Google revealed new Android icons for its core apps. #Android #Google #GooglePlay

Kodi Gets its Logo

They got the Logo, They got the renamed webpage. Now all we need is an official release.  #Kodi +XBMC  #XBMC

CLauncher for Android Review

Tired of your smartphone's UI looking like every other smartphone? CLauncher may be your solution

Review - Taptu: DJ Your News

One Thing that #Android has a lot of is News Readers. Question is... Is #Taptu  for you? 

BlackBerry Messenger gets a release date on both Android and iOS

+BlackBerry  Messenger is coming to #android and #iOS this weekend but, is this the case of too little to late?

Google Keep Review

Keep Review Developer: Google Inc. Version: 1.0.79 Platform: Android , Browser Category: Productivity Price: Free

Instagram for Android Review

Instagram Developer: Instagram Version: 3.0.5 Download  - IOS Download