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The Lion King 2019 - Film Review

The Disney Cashcow is back and looking more realistic than your local zoo.

Disney Announces "Protect The Pride" Campaign

The Walt Disney Company is using their upcoming remake of the classic "The Lion King" to raise awareness to the crisis facing lions and other wildlife in Africa. #ProtectThePride #TheLionKing #Movies #WaltDisneyCompany #Disney

The Lion King live action gets a releases date | D23 News

#TheLionKing #D23 #D232017 #TheLionKingLiveAction #Film The Lion King is one of Disney's most successful animated films. The live action adaption finally gets a release date and some information.  

The Lion King Live Action Confirmed (Well Sort of...) | News

One of Disney's most successful animated features has been confirmed to be undergoing a makeover. #TheLionKing #WaltDisney #Disney #DisneyAnimation #Film #Movies

The Lion King Turns 20

Arguably the most iconic movie +Disney  has ever produced turned 20. #TheLionKing #Disney #Film 

Must Have DVDs & Blu-Rays this Holiday Season!!!

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The Lion King Diamond Edition - Movie Review

The King of Animated Films  was re-released on Disney Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray