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Smash Hit Review - Android | iOS

Looking for a game to take up some of your time? Try out Smash Hit by Mediocre for Android and iOS.

Wallpaper of the Week (2) - Simply Google Dark

Wallpaper of the week

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 For Android - Review

I've been playing a lot of remasters lately. This update to the classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is well worth the price of admission. 

WTF happened to TV?

Real Talk WTF happened to TV?

Square is conducting a Kingdom Hearts Survey!?!

Wow since when does Square Enix want people feedback?  Well I was more that glad to give mine.  #KingdomHearts

Throwback Review - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Okay so this game isn't really retro or much of a throwback for that matter but I'm reviewing it anyways because i was recently playing it.  Plus its #KingdomHearts Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Developer: Square Enix  Platform: PSP (PS3 eventually via HD ReMIX) Released: January 9, 2010 (Japan) | September 7, 2010 (US)

Carbon (Twitter) for Android Review

Carbon (Twitter) Review Developer: Dots & Lines (  +Carbon for Android  ) Genre: Social (Twitter Client) Platform: Android | iOS Version: 2.1.1

So long InuYasha...

So long InuYasha... You had a awesome run... 

Wallpaper of the Week (1) - Arcanine

Check out this awesome Wallpaper by DeviantARTist PorkyMeansBusiness.