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Tips for Black Friday Shopping

5 Tips for a successful Black Friday 

1. Have a list; know what you are looking for ahead of time. 
If you go shopping blindly on Black Friday you will most likely buy stuff that you didn’t want or need and waste money. This is what the retailers want; they love it when you can’t find what you thought you were looking for and buy something else. It how they make money on a day like this…

2. Shop Around / Look through fliers 
This is a good after turkey event... Prepare yourself for events to come...

3. Some deals aren’t always what they seem….
Though big department stores might have appealing deals for certainty expensive items such as TV’s and DVD / Blu-Ray players, these items are most likely going to be replaced by newer better items early next year. In other words they are trying to clear up inventory space for the new stuff that will be announced at CES (Consumer Electronic Show January 10 - 13, 2012). You will probably find better deals closer to the end of the year or early next year. 

4. Look out for false advertising 
There will be a lot of fine print and stipulation on some of these sales. Don’t fall for them, if there is a stipulation to get a sale your best bet is to avoid it…

5. Cyber Monday is just 2+ days away 
If you can’t find a good deal, don’t stress it Cyber Monday is just a few days away. Actually you will probably find better deals online then in actual stores. 

Happy Shopping 
Be Safe!!!