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Kingdom Hearts:3D (Dream Drop Distance) - Preview

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 
Release Date: Spring 2012 in Japan
System: Nintendo 3DS

TGS 2011 Trailer Subbed - Source

What is it?
Dream Drop Distance or Kingdom Hearts 3D is Square Enix’s 7th installment to its popular Disney / Square mash-up gone right. The game is set directly after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 or more accurately Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (In chronological order; Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2Days & Chain of Memories [Days and Chain of Memories overlap in the time line], Kingdom Hearts II, Coded, Dream Drop Distance). At the end of Kingdom Hearts II Sora (Main Protagonist)  defeated Xemnas (Main antagonist in KH2) so, Yen Sid (Powerful Sorcerer & Mickey’s Master)  has reasons to believe that Master Xehanort (Main antagonist of Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep and the Somebody of Xemnas and Ansem [Xehanort’s Heartless] ) has been revived. To counter him Yen Sid decides to put both Sora & Riku through the Mark of Mastery Exam to become Keyblade Masters. 

What’s New?
Sora and Riku will both be wearing new outfits and will also be visiting new and old worlds. So far the only worlds that were reviled were "La Cite Des Cloches" (which means city of bells in French) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and "Prankster Paradise" from the movie Pinocchio. It was also confirmed that "Trasverse Town" will be making a return with new districts and a new cameo from Neku Sakuraba (Main Protagonist from the game Nintendo DS game The World Ends with You). They also added creatures called Dreameaters which are both enemies and allies. "Nightmares" are Dreameaters that eat good dreams and create bad ones while, "Spirits" which eat Nightmares and create good dreams. They are join Sora and Riku as party members.     

My Opinion…
Honestly I can’t wait for this game. If the 3DS was Region free I would import it when it comes out in Japan. Tetsuya Nomura a said that this game is on the same level and the other major Kingdom Hearts games like Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts II. It will filling in some of the blanks that were left mysteries from the previous games. 

Video From KH13

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