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The Lion King 2019 - Film Review

The Disney Cashcow is back and looking more realistic than your local zoo.

White Fang (2018) Netflix Original | Film Review

The classic Jack London story that ruined our summer vacation with home work many years ago was adapted yet again into a film. #WhiteFang #NETFLIX #NETFLIXFILMS #JackLondon

COCO 2017 | Film Review

An extraordinary cultural journey - "Dia de los muertos"- family, dreams and heritage #COCO #Disney #Pixar #Movie #MovieReview

Treasure Planet (2002) | Throwback Review

#TreasurePlanet #WaltDisney #Film #TBT #Movies #MovieReview #FilmReview Disney’s has one of the greatest collection of animated films. Actually scratch, that they have the greatest collection of animated films. For one reason to another many gems slip through the cracks and go unnoticed or underrated. Treasure Planet is one of these…

Bright (2017) | Film Review

#Bright #NetflixOriginal #Netflix #Film #Movie Ever wanted to see what a Sci-Fi Bad Boys movie would be like? That’s kinda what the Bright is like minus most of the comedic flair.

Thor: Ragnarok | Film Review

#Thor #ThorRagnarok #Marvel #Movies #Ragnarok The God of Thunder returns in possibly the best Marvel movie to date. Warning there are some spoilers in this article...

Film Review - Zootopia 2016

Disney and animals go together like red and black or Cake and Ice Cream. So its not surprising that they would create a world based on an anthropomorphic world. Real question is, was Zootopia worth the watch? #Zootopia #Disney #DisneyAnimationStudios #Review   Zootopia Walt Disney Animation Studios Comedy / Adventure March 4, 2016 PG Movie Description “In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.” - IMDb. What’s Hot? Movie pacing is actually really good.  Voice acting  Plot twist was well hidden till it was being revealed Witty humor Interesting choice of theme that will hopefully make people think Animation was top notch What’s Not? Music was forgettable  Some scenes seemed unnecessary  What is it? Lets see... where to start without giving spoilers? Take a rabbit that grew up in the boonies who dreamed of becoming a crime fighting

Inside Out - Film Review

Inside Out is Definitely In #InsideOut #Disney #Pixar #DisneyPixar

Film Review- Minions

L …Truly Despicable… L #DespicableMe #Minions2015 #FilmReview

Film Review - Straight Outta Compton

Ever wanted to know how west coast hip-hop became what it was? Straight Outta Compton is story about #NWA which put West-Coast hip-hop on the map. #StraightOutta #StraightOuttaCompton

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review

It’s been 17 Years since anything canon has come out of the Dragon Ball Universe. Battle of Gods takes place a short time after the battle w/ Kid Buu. #DragonBallZ #BattleofGods #DragonBall

X-Men Days of Future Past | Movie Review

It wouldn't be an action packed summer without a X-Men film. This year Wolverine has a lot of competition in the action genre. 

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Movie Review

Hiccup and Toothless are back a little older, little stronger, but is the film a little better than the previous one? #HTTYD2 #Review #Howtotrainyourdragon2

Frozen (2013) - Review

What better way to deal with cold of winter than to what a movie that is even colder…