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Twilight Saga Series Quick Review

The Twilight Saga Series Review - Part V


- Interesting Characters
- Has a little of everything (Drama, Action, Si-Fi, etc.)

- Ending was Underwhelming and, Anticlimactic
- Bella’s personality may turn away most readers
- At times it can get boring

My Thoughts
Just to get this out of the way… The books are better than the movies by a significant margin. The books add more details to what’s going on; also some of the events happen slightly different (this is normal with books to movie productions though). Out of the 4 books / movies in my opinion the best is Breaking Dawn, follow by Eclipse. Twilight and New Moon are tied in 3rd. Thought I hated the ending of the series I put Breaking Dawn as the best became it had action and a lot of character development. You also got to experience some of the story through the eyes of Jacob Black which really made the story more interesting. If they thought and did this with the whole series I think it would have been much better.
***Guys, this is a definite “Chick Flick” you’ve been warned***

Story: 3.25
Action: 3.5
Intriguing: 3.5
My opinion: 3

Overall Series Score