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What's On My Phone 8/19/2016

New segment time… we were planning on doing this for a while but never got around to doing it. Basically this is where we will state what apps and games we are currently using on our devices, whether it is our phones, Tablets or PCs. To keep it simple we will only show what is on our main desktop. #Whatsonmy #Tech #Android #iOS #PC #Gaming

Google Releases "Duo" Into the Wild | Now Available

Google finally releases its answer to Apple's FaceTime. Meet Duo...  #Android #Google #Duo #VideoChat #NewApps

Google Play Family Library - News

Google will now allow you to share some of your purchases with friends and family. #GooglePlay #Android #GooglePlayStore #TRP #News

Review - Taptu: DJ Your News

One Thing that #Android has a lot of is News Readers. Question is... Is #Taptu  for you? 

Timely Alarm Clock for Android - Review

Looking for a more colorful, sexier clock app?  +Bitspin  has the app that you've been looking for. 

My Top Android Apps (Phone Edition) - Week of July 21, 2013

My top used android apps for mobile phones Week of July 21, 2013 Device: LG Google Nexus 4

Fleksy for Android Preview

Welcome to the Future of Soft-Software Keyboards

Google Keep Review

Keep Review Developer: Google Inc. Version: 1.0.79 Platform: Android , Browser Category: Productivity Price: Free