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Square Enix Announces Star-Studded Voice Cast for Kingdom Hearts 3

#SquareEnix announces voice cast for Kingdom Hearts 3. Expect your favorite #Disney & Square characters to sound just like you remembered. 

Kingdom Hearts is brewing up Hype at E3 2018 | Gaming News

We are finally getting Kingdom Hearts 3 XIII years after kingdom Hearts II. It seems like Square is keeping up its obsession with the number 13.  #KingdomHearts #SquareEnix #Disney #Sora #Frozen #KingdomHeartsIII

Weekly Wrap Up - Sunday September 29 - Saturday October 5

Besides the Nintendo Direct that happened on October 1st it been kind of a slow week. Most info that went around were merely rumors and what ifs... I am interested to see whether or not the Google will be launching a Smartwatch, and (/or), Google Nexus 5 with in the next couple of weeks.  

Walt Disney Pictures "Frozen"

So its Been like forever since I have featured anything related to film... Guess there is no time like the present so I'll get back into cinema starting off with Disney's new animated film "Frozen".