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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Book Review Part III

Overview and Review
  The twilight saga is a fantasy / drama written by Stephanie Meyers. The story revolves around a teenage girl (Bella Swan) who falls in love with a vampire (Edward Cullen). The story takes place in a place called Forks which is located in the state of Washington. She lives there with her father Charlie who is police officer.
***Spoilers alert***
My review will give a way the plot of the story.
You've been warned... =D

Book 3: Eclipse 

The story starts off with a string of murders happening in Seattle, which Edward believes it is from new born vampires that can‘t control they thirst for blood. Alice (Edward's Sister with the foresight ability) has a vision that Victoria (a vampire who wants revenge on Bella because of the death of her mate James) is back in town. On a visit to La Push Bella breaks her hand by punching Jacob because he forcibly kisses her... A few days later Bella spends the night with Edward where he proposes to her, she accepts.

Bella and the Cullen’s then realize that the murders in Seattle were being done by Victoria and her new born army. They were out numbered by a large number, so they decide to join forces with the werewolves to take on the army. Bella, Edward, and Jacob camp in the woods before the big showdown with the vampires. They are later joined by Seth Clearwater (a young werewolf who looks up to Jacob and later becomes close friends with Edward) who will replace Jacob in the morning on guard duty. The weather is bad with a cold snow storm. Bella would have been frozen to death if it wasn’t for the Jacob and his abnormal body heat. During the night Jacob and Edward have a normal conversation as if the more like friend than enemies.

In the morning Jacob overhears Bella and Edward discussing their engagement and become upset, and he runs off. Bella ask Edward to bring him back so she can try to speak to him and he does. Jacob threatens to get him self killed because Bella doesn’t love him which, she proves him wrong by kissing him. Edward finds out (Edward has the ability to read anyone's mind within his vicinity except for Bella.) but isn’t mad

Victoria and her partner Riley eventually find their hiding place but, with Edward and Seth's teamwork they are killed. Meanwhile the rest of the Cullen’s and the werewolves fight the army. Jacob gets badly injured when he saves Lea Clearwater (Seth's older sister) from a newborn vampire, because he heals super fast his bones are healing wrong. Carlisle (Edward's vampire father & Doctor) had to re break the bones so they would heal properly. Several members of the Volturi guard show up to handle the newborn problem but they were too late. They question why Bella is still human and they are told that a date is already set.

The end of this story is from Jacob's point of view. He receives an invitation from Bella and Edward for their wedding. Inside there is a letter from Edward saying thanks for everything and if he doesn’t want to come he doesn’t have to. Jacob decides to run away to escape the pain.

My Thoughts: 
Eclipse is better in my opinion than the first two in this series. Stephanie Meyers does improve on her action sequences and, character development. This story was also more intriguing to read than the others too. The cliffhanger at the end actually works here, it really make you curious about what going to happen next.... As these stories progress I’m starting to dislike Bella more and more. Her personality is that of a very unlikable person.

Story / Plot: 3
Action: 4
Character Development: 4
Intriguing: 4
My Opinion: 3


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