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Late update

It's been a while since I updated on the happenings. A couple if stuff has happened in the past week including more site updates and the the news on the ipad. First I will talk about the new ipad. The ipad is apples new product that is supposed to be a tablet like computer / book reader. Generally it looks like a giant ipod touch. It is running on apples own chipset and looks like a version of the iPhone OS... the unit comes in 3 different memory sizes, 16, 32, 64 GB. And on top of that it you choose if you want to add 3G yo it for a extra 130$ and that is not including the monthly data plan. Pros - it will be something neat for those without a ipod touch or an iPhone. It will be the coolest book reader out there. It looks stylish. 3G is always a good thing. It battery life is amazing! Cons - Ugh 3G is on At&t when will Apple learn that their coverage sucks they should have made an unlocked version.... it technically is just a big ipod touch with a 3G chip. It is a compasitive

A couple if updates to my art sites

1. I remade my sketch of Homer Simpson and colored it in, in PhotoShop. I pretty satisfied with the results... 2. I remade my picture of young simba which was a bigger task for me than the homer one was. I kinda getting the hang of it though. It's pretty cool seeing your art coming alive with color. I'm gonna try do do this with most of my old pictures. You can see ally of my work on my deviant art page or my fanart central page the links will be posted in the end. 3.  I kinda stacked off today when comes down actually getting work done because I didn't complete my goal that I set for today. I'll just have to make it up for tomorrow.  Next blog I will be doing a app review on Astrid...   my deviantART page     my fan art central page  

Its been a while

A couple of updates 1. The jets lost.... Damn I was really routing for them... try are still my team but I lost 30$ though. Better luck next year boys :-) 2. Ive finally got Photoshop Cs4  and I am really satisfied with it so far. Me being a gimp user it is a transition but I think I can get used to it. I'm not a complete noob to Photoshop because I took a course in high school but its a lot different from when I used to use it. The first image I tried it out on is posted on my deviant art page. 3. Ive been running the home++ shell on my mytouch 3g and it is pretty cool... Pros - nice shell with custom bar set up on the bottom. Has its own taskiller. Cons - not as smooth as you would expect. It hangs some times. The task killer could be a con because in my experience slows down your phone. I uploaded some more videos on my youtube channel. This time some soulcalibur 2 videos ( link weapond demo and a kilik wepond demo ) ill be back to the starfox tomorrow :-)   my youtube page    

January 17, 2010

Today the jets won :-) Just 2 more games left. We take on the colts next week.  The Vikings also won too Nothing much rally happened today but football. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting. :-\   my website  - still under construction feel to join I was at : 27-99 Lydia Dr, Beacon, NY 12508,

My first Blog

This is my first blog.... i guess i will list my other webpages in it Me and my friends youtube page this basically has alot of gaming stuff in it now next is my twitter page it basically gives you updates on what i am doing at the moment and short reviews on everything / i guess a shorter version of what im probably gonna do here :-/ my deviantart page and the new website that i am now working now, click me! feel free to join its still in early stages thanks for reading my first blog Yours Truly "D"