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Kodi Gets its Logo

They got the Logo, They got the renamed webpage. Now all we need is an official release.  #Kodi +XBMC  #XBMC

XBMC is no more....

Well technically it not going away but it is being renamed to #Kodi Entertainment Center

Favorite Applications - PC Edition

Probably the most asked #PC question i get is "Can you fix my computer? (lol)", but beside that it is "What #applications do i use on my PC"? So here is a  mostly detailed list of what i use most. If you have any suggestions or questions etc. leave a comment or message me... #apps

Quick Look at XBMC for Android

Quick look at Xbox Media Center for Android Developer: Team XBMC Version: 12.0 Beta3 (Note that it is now currently in RC Stages) Download  

Official XBMC Remote for Android - Review

Official XBMC Remote  Developer: Team-XBMC Version: O.8.8 Beta-1 Price: Free  Download 

XBMC Review

XBMC Developer: Team XBMC Version: 11.0 Platforms: OSX, IOS, Windows, Linux, Android coming soon...  Download