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Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix Review - Part 1

Once again we get a chance to visit the familiar worlds of Disney in Square’s new HD Remaster.  #KingdomHeartsHD2 #KingdomHearts #SquareEnix

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIx: Collectors Edition Announced

Not happy with the limited edition of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, go for the Collectors Edition which comes with plenty of extras...  #KingdomHeartsHD2 #KingdomHearts #Playstation3

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Announced

Another #AssassinsCreed game announced to be released this year.  +Ubisoft  has been busy... 

Final Fantasy X | X-2 Release date for NA Announced

You will be able to revisit the story of Tidus and Yuna in HD at the end of the first quarter of 2014. 

New Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster Trailer - TGS 2013

FFX HD is still coming soon but, but Square Enix has released another trailer this time showing off more gameplay scenes. 

Soul Calibur II is Making a Return this time in HD

New Dragonball Z game on the Horizon

Feels like it along time since the last Dragonball Z game

Grand Theft Auto 5: Protagonist Trailers

This game is looking more and more interesting 

Final Fantasy X HD - First Look (PS Vita)

Final Fantasy X HD  Developer: Square Enix  Platform: PS3, PS Vita Release Date: TBA 

Assassins Creed III - Trailer

The Countdown that was on the main website was for the First Trailer. 

Assassins Creed III - Quick Preview

Final Fantasy X HD Confirmed to be a Remaster

Square Enix's upcoming re: release of the classic, Final Fantasy X for the PS3 and the PlayStation Vita is confirmed to be a HD Remaster rather than a Remake. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Preview (Xbox360, PC, Wii, PS3, DS)

Infinity Ward's Best Selling first-person shooter  is back with its 3rd installment

Sonic Generations Preview ( Xbox360, 3DS, PS3, PC )

Sonic is staring in a new game!!!