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Moto 360 Review - After 3 Months

Looking for a smartwatch that well, looks like a watch? Motorola was the first to accomplish this with the Moto 360 and its still one of the best options available. +Motorola Mobility  #Motorola #Moto360

Capcom and Six Flags partner up for attraction

+Six Flags Magic Mountain  partners with Capcom to bring #MonsterHunter attraction to Goliath roller coaster.  #SixFlags #Capcom

Life is Strange Episode 2 Trailer

Square Enix's Episodic adventure continues... #LifeIsStrange #SquareEnix #Gaming

Nintendo and DeNA form alliance

+Nintendo  and DeNA form an Alliance to bring #Nintendo IPs like Mario to other platforms.

Nintendo 3DS was the top dog in February

Its not really a huge surprise that the Nintendo 3DS was the top selling hardware for February 2015. Especially being that they just released a revised version of it. Its good to hear though.  #Nintendo3DS +Nintendo  #Gaming " The one-two-three punch of New Nintendo 3DS XL, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate helped Nintendo 3DS become the top-selling hardware platform in the United States in February. All three products launched in the United States on Feb. 13, and even with only 17 days of data being reported they were able to accomplish the following: In its 48th month on the market, the Nintendo 3DS family sold nearly 395,000 units in the U.S. The great majority of these sales were New Nintendo 3DS XL systems, which sold 130 percent more units in its initial frame than Nintendo 3DS XL did when it launched on Aug. 19, 2012. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was the top-selling title for the month with more than 515,000 combin

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  +Samsung Mobile is changing the game with their new entry into the Galaxy S line of devices. Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge...  #SamsungGlaaxyS6 #SGS6Edge #GalaxyS6Edge #NextIsNow

Meet the HTC One M9

Meet the  +HTC One M9, the newest iteration into the HTC One series of phones. #HTC #HTCOne #HTCOneM9

Meet the Nvida Shield (Console)

  +NVIDIA is finally entering the Android TV market with their Beastly ShieldTV #NVIDIA #Gaming #AndroidTV

Square Enix Announced Released Date for Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster for PS4

Come on Square, are you really gonna make me come out my pocket again to purchase this masterpiece for a 4th time?  #ListenToMyStory #FinalFantasy #SquareEnix