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New Spider-Man PS4 Images | Quick Update

New screenshots for the upcoming #SpiderMan game for the #PS4 have arrive in glorious 4k.  #Gaming #SpiderManGame #PlayStation #Sony #InsomniacGames

How to Watch Sony's PlayStation Conference at E3 This Year | Event

Are you ready for E3 This year? We sure are here is how you can view it if you aren't attending the show or the Experience Event.  #PlayStation #E32016 #Gaming

Sony Announces PlayStation E3 Experience 2016

E3 is just around the corner and Sony wants its fans to enjoy it just as much as the E3 attendees.  #E32016 #PlayStation #PlayStationExperience2016

PlayStation Vue | Review

Are you interested in cable cutting? But still want access to some live TV channels? If you own a PS3 or a PS4 PlayStation Vue may be the solution you are looking for. #PlayStationVue #PlayStation #CableCutting Product Description “ With PlayStation™Vue get the TV you love, now with ESPN, Disney Channel and over 100+ channels. Plans now starting from $39.99. Break free of annual contracts, surprise fees and TV that ties you down.” - Sony What is it? PlayStation Vue is a solutions for those with access to the internet and a PlayStation home console but don't want to pay for large TV packages through a cable provider. PlayStation Vue Developer: Sony Platform: iOS, PS3, PS4, Amazon Devices Genre: TV Service Price: Access - 60+ channels for $39.99 , Core - 75+ channels for $44.99,  Elite - 100+ channels for $54.99 Markets: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Bay Area. What's hot? No longe

PlayStation Brand Turns 20

It is hard to believe that the Sony #PlayStation is now 20 years old.  +PlayStation   +Sony PlayStation  #Gaming #VideoGames #Playstation20

PlayStation Network Sale

There is a lot of great games on sale right now via #PSN. Get them now!!! #PlayStation #PlayStationNetwork

Throwback Game Review - Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Developer| Publisher: Neversoft , Edge of Reality, Natsume, Treyarch | Activision Platform: N64 , GBC, PS1, Sega Dreamcast, N-Gage Genre: Extreme Sports | Action Sports

Throwback - Starburst Fruit Twists & Fighting Force

Blast from the Past Have you ever l thought back and was like, what ever happened to ________ or ________ was my favorite ________... I’m pretty sure everyone has done it at least once I know I do it all the time. That is why I made up this segment to my blog, because even the best of us like to reminisce when we know there is something else that we should be doing.  

New PS3 Model Announced at TGS!!!

New PS3 Slim model Announce at TGS

Assassins Creed III - Quick Preview