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Disney+ Is Adding Another Short-Form Series - Zootopia+

  Zootopia was Disney's next animated hit film after Frozen back in 2016 featuring anthropomorphic talking animals. They decided they wanted to grace us with another look into the world via Zootopia+.  #Zootopia+ #Disney #WaltDisneyCompany #DisneyAnimationStudio

Big Hero 6 - News

Disney announces Big Hero 6 animated T.V. Series. #BigHero6 #WaltDisney #DisneyXD #DisneyChannel #Animation

Film Review - Zootopia 2016

Disney and animals go together like red and black or Cake and Ice Cream. So its not surprising that they would create a world based on an anthropomorphic world. Real question is, was Zootopia worth the watch? #Zootopia #Disney #DisneyAnimationStudios #Review   Zootopia Walt Disney Animation Studios Comedy / Adventure March 4, 2016 PG Movie Description “In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.” - IMDb. What’s Hot? Movie pacing is actually really good.  Voice acting  Plot twist was well hidden till it was being revealed Witty humor Interesting choice of theme that will hopefully make people think Animation was top notch What’s Not? Music was forgettable  Some scenes seemed unnecessary  What is it? Lets see... where to start without giving spoilers? Take a rabbit that grew up in the boonies who dreamed of becoming a crime fighting