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Assassins Unite!!! - Assassins Creed III

Assassins Creed III Developer: Ubisoft Release Date: (Today) October 30, 2012

Microsoft SmartGlass Coming Friday!?

Microsoft SmartGlass Coming soon!?

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Nintendo 3DS XL Manufacturer: Nintendo Price: $199.99 Release Date: August 19, 2012

More Sega Title Soon to hit XBLA?

Remember Fighting Vipers,  Virtual Fighter 2, and Sonic the Fighters? I know i do.... 

Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy - PS3

Miss out on the Ezio arc of the  Assassin's Creed series?

MIUI for HTC Sensation Review

MIUI Developer: Xiaomi Tech Base: Android 4.1 (Jellybean) Version: 2.9.29 Download

Throwback - Starburst Fruit Twists & Fighting Force

Blast from the Past Have you ever l thought back and was like, what ever happened to ________ or ________ was my favorite ________... I’m pretty sure everyone has done it at least once I know I do it all the time. That is why I made up this segment to my blog, because even the best of us like to reminisce when we know there is something else that we should be doing.  

HipServ Review - Android

HipServ Platform: Android, IOS Developer: Axentra Corporation Version: 2.1.44 Price: Download  | IOS Download

Sonic Adventure 2

Look what finally found its way to the XBLA

CyanongenMod 9 Review - HTC Sensation

CyanogenMod 9 Developer: CyanogenMod Development Team Version: CM 9.1.0 Base: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP) Release Date: 8/29/2012 Download

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Info Update 10/4/2012

New Info via Famitsu Interview 

iHeartRadio - Android App Review

iHeartRadio Developer: Clear Channel Digital Current Version:  4.4.2 Download  | IOS