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Apple and their shady antics... | Tech News

#Apple #iPhone #Technology #Tech You know that feeling you get when Apple releases a new iPhone and for some odd reason your current iPhone seem laggy and unresponsive... Well that feeling isn't just a figment of your imagination; Apple actually have been slowing down clock speeds of aging devices... 

Meet the iPhone X | iSheep Rejoice!

#iPhoneX #iOS #Apple #iPhone10 Apple has finally done it, and for the first time in years and iPhone appears to be more appealing than the Top of the line android phones.

Super Mario Run Release Date | iOS

Nintendo is getting ready to launch  its first Mario game for a non-Nintendo Platform. Super Mario Run is will be available for iPhones and iPads on December 15th 2016.  #SuperMarioRun #Nintendo #iPhone #iPad #iOS

Apple Announces the Most Powerful 4" phone to date....

Meet the iPhone SE, Apple's ambitious attempt to shrink iPhone 6s specs into a 4" device.  #Apple #iPhoneSE #iPhone #iOS

News | New Assassins Creed Game Announced

If you though there wasn't going to be an Assassins Creed Game this year, you were only partially right...  +Ubisoft  Announces Assassins Creed Identity. #AssassinsCreed #Ubisoft  #iOS Right off the back ill tell you that this is not a full fledged console Assassins Creed game. This is an iOS game that will be released later this month. That's right Assassins Unite, we got a new mobile game releasing with in the next 4 weeks.   "ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY is the first Assassin’s Creed ActionRPG game for mobile devices that lets you create, evolve and customize your own Assassins and play them in Fan’s favorite setting: Renaissance Italy. Embody an Assassin and experience the freedom of movement that made the franchise unique while unraveling the mystery of The Crows and solving dozens of quests." - Ubisoft It appears that this game isn't going to be the half-assed ordeal that we get from most rushed to mobile games. Ubisoft is describing con

Final Fantasy VII is now on iOS

The RPG with arguably the biggest cult following is now available on #iOS #FinalFantasyVII #FinalFantasy #SquareEnix

iOS 8 Coming Soon...

#iTunes updates to Version 11.4 to support #iOS.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - iOS

Hit game from the days of the PSP gets a upgrade and comes to iOS. 

Flow Free Review - For Android and iOS

Flow Free Review Developer: Big Duck Games LLC  Genre: Puzzle Platform: Android | iOS Version: 2.1

Subway Surfers for Android and iOS Review

+Subway Surfers   Developer: Kiloo Platform: Android , iOS Version:  1.9.0 Price: Free

App Showdown - Spark 360 Vs. My Xbox Live

Find out which app is currently the best

Nuance Dragon Go! - Preview / Overview

Nuance Dragon Go! For Android & IOS Version 1.0

Fruit Ninja for Android and IOS - Quick Game Review

Slash your way through fruit with your finger  with Fruit Ninja