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Fenix for Android Review

Tired of your dated looking Twitter app that doesn't seem to match the UI and feel of your sweet looking Android UI? Fenix for android may be the solution that you are waiting for.

Carbon (Twitter) for Android Review

Carbon (Twitter) Review Developer: Dots & Lines (  +Carbon for Android  ) Genre: Social (Twitter Client) Platform: Android | iOS Version: 2.1.1

Twicca for Android Review

Twicca for Android Review  Developer: Tetsuya Aoyama  Version: 0.9 Android Version: 1.6 & Up Price: Free  Android Download 

TweetCaster for Android and IOS Quick App Review

Tweetcaster for Android and IOS Review Developer: One Louder Apps Version: 5.5 (Android) 2.1 (IOS) Price: 4.99 (Android) Free (IOS) Android Download / Free Android Version Download      IOS Download