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Nintendo is stopping production of the *New* Nintendo 3DS in Japan | Nintendo News

Fear not, #Nintendo isn't killing off the #3DS just yet... 

M.Bison to be in Street Fighter V

This is probably no shocker to anyone but M. Bison will be playable in Street Fighter V #StreetFighterV #Gaming #PS4

Pokken Tournament announced for 2015

What happens when you mix #Pokemon and #Tekken?  Well... You get Pokken Tournament.  #PokkenTournament 

J-Stars Victory Versus - Update

The #Anime / #Manga Mash-Up fighting game J-Stars Versus scheduled to release March 2014 on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

More Xbox One Changes

It appears Microsoft is still hard at work trying to improve the Xbox ONE.

Update - Xbox One

Microsoft elaborates more on their polices regarding borrowed and pre-owned games.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Info Update 10/4/2012

New Info via Famitsu Interview 

Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) - News!!!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Update!!!