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Anime and Manga for Noobs (Newbie) Part II

Have you ever considered getting into Anime and(or) Mangas but, not sure where to start.
Check out my list, I might have what you been looking for...
All the Anime & Manga will have links to where you can read or watch them. 

If the links dont work leave me a message or contact the site that it is hosted on... 
I will also have Ranks under the images to show where i rank the anime / manga out of my all time favorites.  

Rank (4)
Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT / Dragon Ball & Z Kai  
Manga:  (December 3, 1984 - June 5, 1995)
Anime: Dragon ball (February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989)
Dragon Ball Z (April 26, 1989 - January 31, 1996)
Dragon Ball GT (February 7, 1996 - November 19, 1997) 
Dragon Ball Kai & Dragon Ball Z Kai (April 5, 2009 - March 27, 2011)
Maturity: 13+ Unedited 7+ Edited 

Dragon Ball is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and was later adapted into an anime series. The story follows an alien named Goku throughout his childhood to adulthood as he trains in martial arts. In the story Goku searches for mystical orbs called Dragon Balls, if all seven are found a dragon will appear and grant you a wish. 
Dragon Ball - Goku is a child during the time of the Dragon ball Series 
Dragon Ball Z - Goku is a young Adult during the first part of the “Z” Series. He has a son name Gohan, with his long time rival/friend Chi-Chi. They later have another son named Gotten (who is a splitting image of Goku).
Dragon Ball GT- Goku Gets transformed into a kid again during the GT series. He journeys with Trunks (Rival Vegeta’s son) and his granddaughter Pan (Gohan’s Daughter).
Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball z Kai - The Kai series is basically just  a shorter more to the point version of Dragon ball, and Dragon Ball Z to the end of the “Cell Saga“. It is also available in 1080p….

What I Like…
- Action Packed 
- Comedy 
- Animation 
- Dubbed voice action should be the standard 
- Story 
- Characters  

What I don’t like…
- Pacing was terrible before the Kai series was introduced (15min for grunting is a little extreme)
- GT (honestly I kind of forced myself to watch some of GT series and I Love dragon ball…)

Where can I watch it online?
Coming Soon...
Where can I Read the Manga?

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden 
Manga (November 1998 - Ongoing)
Anime: Naruto (October 3, 2002 - February 8, 2007)
Naruto Shippuden (February 15, 2007 - Ongoing)
Maturity: 13+ Unedited - 8+ Edited 
Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was then adapted into an anime series. The story follows Naruto Uzumaki a naïve adolescent ninja who wants to be Hokage (The strongest and most respected Ninja in the village). Naruto Shippuden continues where the first part leaves off, but the characters are a few years older.

What I Like…
- Story
- Characters

What I didn’t like…
- Pacing 
- Fillers in the anime
- English Dub is terrible 

Where can I Watch the Anime Online?
Coming Soon... 

Where can I read the manga?

Manga (August 2001- Ongoing)
Anime (October 5, 2004 - Ongoing)
Maturity - 13+
Bleach is an ongoing Japanese manga that was later adapted into an anime. It was written and illustrated by Noriaki Kubo. The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki who obtains Shinigami (Soul Reaper / Literally “Death God” similar to the Grim Reaper) powers from another Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki. He later obtains the title substitute Shinigami where it becomes his jobs to protect humans from evil spirits, and guide wondering souls to the afterlife. 

What I Like…
- Action 
- Comedy 
- English Voice Acting is bad 
- Story 
- Characters 

What I don’t like 
- Characters are unbalanced in strength 
- Anime is full of fillers 
- Antagonists are either boring or just annoying 

Where can I watch the Anime online?
Coming Soon...

Where can I read the Manga?

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