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Meet the iPhone 6 and the iPhone6+

Well here it is... The new #iPhone is on its way...
#apple #iPhone6 

What is it?
The iPhone6 and 6+ are Apple's new flagship devices. They feature bigger screen sizes with the 6 coming in at 4.7 inches and the 6+ coming in at a beastly 5.5 inches and finally reaching a HD resolution. These devices will also be sporting Apple's new A8 chipset. Apple has also announced its new devices will have built-in NFC which allows tap-to-pay, as well as other things. 

When can we throw are money at apple? 
Apple is allowing pre-orders to start September 12, 2014 and you can start camping next Wednesday on the 17 so you can be there bright and early to get yours early on the 19th. The iPhone6 will retail $199 on contract and $649 off contract. The iPhone6+ will retail for $299 on contract and $749 unlocked. for more pricing info check out Apple.

My Thoughts
Honestly I'm not really impressed... I thought they would have did a little more like improved the mega pixel count of the camera. Packaged Beats headphones 

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