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Apple... What to expect

Apple’s launch event for its new devices most likely (iPhone) is tomorrow, here is what I’m expecting...

Cue the music (Most wonderful time of the year)….

It’s that time of year again… You know that time, whether you are an iSheep or an Android Warrior we all sit around a wait for what apple releases from year to year. It doesn’t matter if you are of the herd that believes that Apple is releasing some new and innovating tech or the cult that believes Apple is just copying your God, Google.  While most don’t have the fortitude to admit it, Apple sets the bar to what is relevant at a consumer level.

Not an official image (Fan Made) 
What to expect:
-          New iPhone (Dubbed iPhone6) which will be the successor of the current iPhone 5s. It will most likely be totting a 5inch Sapphire Crystal display that may actually reach HD Resolutions this time…. Apple will have an updated version of its A7 chipset and dub it as A8 or a higher number to make it sound more superior to its predecessor. Fingerprint scanner will be returning and apple may claim that it’s more improved. 12 MP iSight Camera is very possible with an F/2.0 aperture. The may also dance with a 5MP selfie shooter bit of a stretch though…. NFC may finally make it to iOS but apple will dub it something else. Ships with EarPods by Beats. Battery life improvements. Water Resistant iP67 possible 68 (yes it will be lower case i w/ capital P lol)
-          New Cheaper iPhone: This will basically be an iPhone5s with a cheaper housing.
-          New iPod Touch: This iPod will be similar to the new iPhone without the cellular antenna. Some other specs may also be degraded.
-          iWatch: Apple will finally announce something that will compete with the android wearables.
-          EarPods by Beats: Apple didn’t acquire beats by Dre for no reason.

Less likely to be announced
-          iPad Mini Air: Apple will likely save this for next year…
-          6inch iPhone  
-          iWatch that will play nicely with other devices outside of iOS
-      Wireless Charging: I don't think apple is ready to jump into wireless charging just yet. My guess is that we will see it in the iPhone6s

Final Thoughts
I'm interested to see what they will show to get a good idea of where the market actually stands. In all honestly it is hard to tell by just following android. I’m hoping for a new iPod announcement because I’m in the market for a new one.  Well see what will happen tomorrow. 

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