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Great apps for Maintaining A Functional, Happy PC

Applications that should be on all Windows Based PCs

It’s always surprising to me how many people buy PC but don’t understand how to use or maintain them. I get called all the time to fix things that aren’t even broken then they ask me how much and I feel like I am a thief if I take anything. I decided to make DIY / Tutorials for those who don’t want to get raped in the pockets by PC Repair technicians.

Red Text = PC Utilities
Blue Text = Media 
Yellow = Workflow 
Aqua = Multi-functional 

1.       Revo-Uninstaller – No matter what type of computer you own they all will have a built in way to uninstall applications. So why download this (or) any other one? Well to put it simply Revo-Uninstaller is more efficient than the stock uninstallers. Stock Uninstallers tend to leave behind hidden and unwanted data that in the long run may bog down your computer. Get The App Here!!! or Here

2.        CCleaner – Ccleaner is basically a Registry Cleaner that will locate and fix errors in your computer’s registry. It also creates a back-up just in case something goes wrong so you can restore you PC back to the way it was before you ran it. It also has many other uses like cleaning your PC of junk files that are stored on your hard drive. It allows you to edit your start-up programs which are very useful for speeding up your PC’s boot time. CCleaner retails for $24.99 but you can make do with the free version. Get it Here  or Here

3.       Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7 and below) – Afraid of viruses? This is the best free software available and honestly I can afford to pay for Virus protection software but I still I find this to be top notch. If you have Windows 7, Vista, or XP download this and uninstall whatever adware of a virus protection you may have. Cool thing about MSE is that you don’t have to pay it any mind. Just install it and it will do its work and let you know if it finds anything. Get it Here 

4.       Infran ViewI always get asked how to resize images… This is probably the best free option out there unless you want a full blown image editor, then I would Recommend GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. It is fast and free. Get it Here

5.       Mozilla Firefox – Before the Google fan-boys come at me with pitchforks I have to give Firefox a slight edge nowadays in the browser wars because it uses less resources. Plus no matter how hard I try Google Chrome still insist to start on startup and continue running in the background when it has been closed. Honestly it not an issue for me but for someone with a lower end computer it may bog it down. Mozilla Firefox has always been a great browser though its momentum has been slowly dying over the years it is still one of the most functional feature rich browsers out there. If you have a decent built up computer on Windows 7 or 8 go with Chrome as your main Internet browser. Get it here 

6.       7-Zip File Manger – If you are looking for a the best way to open up compressed folders you can’t go wrong to 7-Zip. Get it Here

7.       Kodi (Formally XBMC) – While windows media center is pretty good it lags (pun intended) behind Kodi. Kodi will play pretty much any file format so there is really no need to convert files. It is fully customizable. The only issue is that for novice user the initial setup may be confusing. Get it Here

8.       VLC Media Player – If you need to play anything but don’t want to have to open up a full blown media center, VLC is the way to go. Just like Kodi it will play pretty much everything without the need to convert files. Get it Here

9.       Google Drive – Let’s face it, we are always looking for a replacement for Microsoft Office for the simple fact that we don’t want to pay for it… There are other options but when it comes down to it MS Office is still the industry standard. That is where Google Drive comes in, yes it is not a full replacement for an MS Office because it require an Internet Connection but it a great alternative. It allows you to create and edit all of Microsoft’s formats but with a nifty feature which enables out to invite friends to collaborate on projects. If can’t always be online I suggest downloading Open-Office which is probably the closest you can get to Microsoft Office without being Microsoft Office. Get it Here

10.   Handbrake Media Transcoder – Have also of videos that you want to put on your mobile device but don’t have them in the right file format? Here is a free solution; Handbrake will allow you to convert these videos to a wide verity of file formats. Get it Here

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